House of Taqavi Nehbandan (House of Akram Khan)

(12 رای)

The house of Taghavi Nehbandan, also known as the house of Akram Khan, is located within the Nehbandan historical context. According to the evidences of the existing architecture, this building is related to the Qajar period.

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The characteristic features of the house of Taqavi Nehbandan (Akram Khan's house) are two northern and southern openings that are arranged in a cavernous manner and differ from other forms of Nehbandan buildings with bayonets. The building also has a higher altitude than other monuments in the historical context.
Cavernous covers are available in the eastern and western sides. At the southeast corner, there is a corridor that leads to the trampoline.

  • Specific information

    The dome cover is a dome-shaped dome that leads to a luminaire on top of it. The northern and southern porches are equatorial, and their elevations are about one meter from the eastern and western sides. The porch's floor is about half a meter taller than the courtyard floor.
    The door is decorated by the rooftops overlooking the courtyard. There was a garden behind the porch of the northern porch, through the entrance to the northern side of the porch, and in the rooms on both sides of the porch there were also windows on the northern side that had an arboretum.

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