Ibn Yamin's Tomb (Miami)

(7 رای)

This magnificent tomb is located in the village of Fermood, on the road to Sabzevar, 100 km east of Miami. In the 45th century, the building was rebuilt and set as a beautiful hexagonal complex on a long hill in the garden with Safa With the new Mahoney style, a library is located there.

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Ibn Yemin's Tomb, the greatest poet of Persian literature in the eighth century AH, which was originally a building of mud and clay and was about to be destroyed, but later, following Abdulrafi Haghighat's construction, a remarkable and beautiful structure was built in the form of a six-cornered .

  • Specific information

    The beautiful angles of this building are like a flower that has the sixth grave inside it like the flower flag, as well as around the tomb of Ibnimin is a green space enclosed by fencing around the enclosure and the tombstone with six sides is small and on it It is written about this great poet.
  • More Info

    Ibn Yemin's pieces were widely known and widely known due to their admonitions, spells and satire, and were based on the language of the poetry and were unique among contemporary poets, and the great poet was also able to perform verses and masnavigation. He died in 769 AH.