Imam Zadegan Sultan Muhammad and Sultan Ibrahim

(49 رای)

Imam Zadegan Sultan Muhammad and Sultan Ibrahim are two of the descendants of Imam Musa who are buried in the area of the historical city of Ton and between the squares of Sadegh and the field.

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As to the age of the building of Imamzadeh Mohammad and Ibrahim, due to architectural evidence such as the dome of two shells and decorations of its painting, it is possible to build it during the Teymouri period and has been added in various periods of extensions. The architectural features of this building are dome decorated with beautiful tile.
The building of Imam Zadeh Mohammad and Abraham is known as the term "people" in Mazar, and in the past was located in the western corner of the market. On the wooden and engraved wood on that date is 984. "Andre Godard" in the book of Iranian works considered the building related to the Timurid era. And elsewhere he believes that the tomb was built at the time of Ismail Safavid and was restored and painted in the reign of Shah Abbas.

  • Specific information

    The current dome of Imam Zadeh Muhammad and Abraham is rebuilt old dome.
    In paintings of Imamzadeh Mohammad and Ibrahim walls are used in green and brown colors and their designs include geometric designs and flowers and plants.

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