Imam Zadeh Hussein ibn Musa Alakam Tabas

(51 رای)

Avent Mubarak Imamzadeh Hussein ibn Musa Alakam in Tabas city, south of Khorasan province, is one of the religious attractions of this city, where many pilgrims see it on the way to Imam Reza's entrance. Hazrat Hussein ibn Musa Alkazem is the holy brother of Imam Reza.

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Hussein ibn Musa al-Kāzem is one of the Imam Zadeh whose historians considered it to be Imam Khazem's unassociated children.
Lovers of the province and fans of pilgrimage to the Imam Khomeini courtyard Imam Reza, who are coming from the southern provinces of our country to this holy city, after passing hundreds of kilometers of desert to Tabas, and this mourning Awnat this Imam Zadeh is on the path of travelers.

  • Background information

    According to some documents, the time of the first grave of this Emamzadeh was in the fifth century AH.
    The tomb of Imamzadeh Hussein ibn Musa al-Zamim in Tabas was appreciated by the people from the old times, but unfortunately, in the devastating earthquake of Tabas in 1979, it was completely destroyed.
    After that, Astan Qods Razavi, with the full help, restored the monastery of Mobarakeh and the surrounding porches, and built an excellent style for their desirable and desirable construction for the Imam and for the well-being of pilgrims with the implementation of a comprehensive plan.
  • Specific information

    This Imam Zadeh now has a very spacious and very beautiful space, and most travelers who travel to the holy city of Mashhad from the south-east, south, and center of the country will surely bring a night near Imam Reza's brother in the morning.
    The space of this Imamzadeh is beautifully decorated with palm trees and pools and fountains have created a very beautiful space.
    The pilgrims of this Imam Zadeh have also provided a pleasant atmosphere for the pilgrims of this holy hill by combining traditional and modern architecture.
  • Facilities

    The Emamzadeh has facilities including several suites and pavilions, a communal kitchen, a sauna, a telecommunication office and 36,000 square meters of green space, a water façade, a convenient sanitary facility, a playground and a car stop.

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