Imam Zadeh Mohammad Kerman (Prince Mohammad)

(39 رای)

Holy Holy Imam Zadeh Mohammad Kerman (Prince Mohammad) in the historical context of Kerman, as a beautiful neigbing shimmer, and a refuge for the bored and afflicted. The historical monument of Imam Zadeh Mohammad city of Kerman belongs to the middle of the Safavid period and is rectangular and consists of three porches, dome, porch, courtyard and porch.

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Imam Zadeh Mohammad, the son of Prince Mohammad, is from Sadat Jalil Al-Qadr and Azimul Sha'en, the Prophet Muzaffi, Kerman, Shiraz, Khouzestan, Karbala and Kufa.
After the victory of the Islamic Revolution, special attention was paid to the repair and improvement of the holy shrine of Imam Zadeh Mohammad by the special rehabilitation group of Imam Hussein's shrine, and this place has a great boom.
The holy shrine of Imamzadeh Mohammad, the city of Kerman, has been one of the main centers for holding religious ceremonies in recent years. The festivals of Ta'ziyeh are very promising in this place, as well as holding congregational prayers, Quranic prayers, prayer prayers and Kamil prayer from other programs performed in this Place is

  • Background information

    Imam Zadeh Mohammad Kerman (Prince Mohammad), Imam Khomeini, who arrived with two interlocutors to Moses ibn Ja'far (peace be upon him). The buried person in this tomb is Sidabul Hassan Muhammad ibn Ibrahim al-Mujab ibn Muhammad al-Abadbn Imam Musa Kazem (peace be upon him) who is the Imam Zadeh of Sayyid Muhammad (PBUH) (a prince of Muhammad) from the great joy of Al-Qadim-al-Sha'en and the great-great-grandfather of Sadat Musavi Kerman -Shiraz -Kenzat -Karbala and Kufa .
    Muhammad b. Ebrahim Mojāb (as) was born in Karbala and in 247 AH in Sirjan and in 249 AH with the invitation of the people and scholars of Kerman emigrated to this city. Having spent more than 50 years of his life on this line and propagating religion and nurturing his students, like many elders, he was martyred by the ruler of the year in 301 AH and in a fortnight, the city of Kerman in the western part of the famous mountain (Ardeshir Castle) Was deposited
    The tomb and grave of magnificent Imam Zadeh Muhammad (peace be upon him) in the neighborhood of (Prince Mohammad) is on the 17th of Shahrivar, the four-way spring that is respected by the people of Kerman.
    The history of the Holy Temple of Imam Zadeh Muhammad (PBUH) belongs to the middle of the Safavid period.
  • Specific information

    The holy tower of Imam Zadeh Muhammad (as) is a rectangle with dimensions 22 × 25 meters, which has three porch, dome, porch, courtyard. The main door of the mosque opens from the eastern porch, which has a beautiful mirror. When crossing the door, we reach a room that is located in the middle of the city.
    This room has a high altitude of 8 meters, which is located in a crescent dome of the dome of the mountain and two meters above the sea, four windows for illumination. The average depth of the 5 subways is at the height of the stem of the 2 meters. The outer edge of the Gonbad is in a hollow shape with a height of more than 13 meters, which is very rich and elegant, and is made up of magnificence, and is therefore closely linked to the magnificent salvat in brown spruce.
    All the gemstones are decorated with turquoise mosaic bugs and, as a result, a great deal of beauty has been given to Tom. Just below the room, the shrine of Imam Zadeh Mohammad Kerman (Prince Mohammad) is located in the hermit, a Derby that reaches the large shrine of the Shrine, which has a duplex, a veranda and a large hall.
    The development of the same space in the southern part of the monastery is repeated with the difference that it is beautiful, beautiful and all-blue, inlaid in the background of flowers and boutiques and Quranic decorations, and is of special glory. The shrine land is about 5 thousand square meters, with the placement of high-yielding trees and vegetation.

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