Imam Zadeh Zeydoo-o-nar

(49 رای)

Zeyde Ebn-e- Musa is the son of Imam Musa Kazem (AS), whose monastery is called the Imam Zadeh Zeydoo-o-nar in the village of Afaris, 65 km southwest of Qa'in city.

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  • Address : South Khorasan - Qaynat - 60 km southwest of the city of Qain - Afris village

The main entrance of the tomb of Imam Zadeh Zeydoo-o-nar is from the northern side, which has a very beautiful Mogharnas work. The tomb of Imamzadeh is a magnificent and magnificent Zydalnar-Ganbadi, which has two shells with cobblestone glazed tile decorations and white and white flowers, some of which are collapsed and destroyed.
Inside the dome, there is a gray stone that people have special beliefs about.

  • Background information

    Materials and building of Imam Zadeh Zeydoo-o-nar dates back to the Safavid era.

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