Imamzadegan Bagheriyeh Birjand

(50 رای)

Imamzadegan Bagheriyeh or Mazar valley Shikhan is located in Birjand city of South Khorasan province, Imam Zadegan Bagheriyeh shrine and burial 72 is Amjadah, which is located at the entrance to Birjand and near the passenger terminal

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This shrine is for many years, everyday, especially on Wednesdays, welcomes pilgrims.

  • Background information

    The name of the Sheikhan Valley is derived from two words, the valley and the Sheikhan. The valley is the median slope of the mountain slopes where the stream or river flows. Sheikh means a great man, a scientist and mentor, and probably a Sheikh, a sheikh and a group of elders. The other possibility is that it is said to have become known as a panoramic valley in the valley, which was later used in the Shaikh valley. In this valley, a number of martyrs buried in the account of Abolfammad Zahkhi and Ali ibn Muhammad Yaseri, known as Hesami from the ancestors of Imam Mohammad Baqer.
  • Facilities

    The master plan of this shrine covers an area of 6,000 square meters. Its library has been put into operation and storage facilities, the board of trustees and the house of the servants and sanitary facilities, and Daral-Shafa, Zayoresara, Hosseinieh and Masjid buildings are in progress. Development of courtyard and parking space and green space from the master plan Shrine.

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