Imamzadeh Mir Salar

(41 رای)

Imamzadeh Mirsalar (AS) from the descendants of Imam Musa Kazem "A", including those exiles from the Bani'Abbas Governments, whose blessed existence was welcomed by Iranians and later was a spiritual and spiritual blessing for the people of this country.


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Because of its origin from Shi'i bases, Iran has become an appropriate field for the migration of Sadat and Imam Zadegan.
The place where the Imam is situated is one of the most beautiful and spectacular places, so that the beauties of the river and the mountains of the tango of every tourism will bring joy.

  • Background information

    After the coming of Benjamiyah and then Bani Abbas, the Shiites, especially Sadat, who were actually the children of the Imams, were oppressed abundantly who remember the history of these abusive practices.

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