Jangal Fandoghlu

(48 رای)

This forest is one of the important areas of forest tourism, located 10 km from Namin and 30 km from Ardabil city. Given the fact that the hazelnut tree has grown more than other species in this forest, this area is called Fandoglu.

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  • Address : Ardebil - 10 km from Namin city

The area of this forest is about 16,000 hectares, with more than 4,000 hectares covered by forests and the rest being rangelands. The minimum height of the Fandoglu area is 1,500 meters above sea level and a maximum of 1850 meters.
The gradient of its pastures is relatively low, due to its intensive coverage, especially the grass, the erosion effects, except for the damaged parts, are less visible, which is why these areas are considered for creating a ski resort on the lawn.

  • Background information

    National plan for the release of Maral in the Fandoglu forests in 2010 was conducted with 8 heads, coordinated by the Environmental Bureau and the environmental checkpoint of Namin, and by 2011 it was expected to reach 11 vertices.
  • Specific information

    The Fandoglu area is unique in nature, with its beautiful natural gardens and diverse natural attractions, a great privilege for development in the ecotourism industry, and is always known as a walkway due to its proximity to the city of Namin.
    The Fandoglu Forest, due to its proximity to the city and the humidity of the area, and easy access to the Ardebil-Astara Intercity Road, has always been considered as an excursion.
  • Outlook

    This forest is scattered on a surface of approximately 25 km in length, which starts from the east of the Khanaq Alaha, on the road between Nemin - Astara, and ends with the northwest direction - the southeast in the east of the village of Hoor, whose main road and its pavement is from Abigail Is.
  • Facilities

    This forest has different fruit trees such as hazelnuts, wild apple, green tomatoes, grapes, raspberries and strawberries.
    Among the identified species, rare species such as hazelnut, hornbeam, rash, oak (velmasozo), pussy are found that add to the vegetative value of the region. In the Fandoglu region, brown bears and somers and birds such as pheasants, queens and golden eagles live.
  • More Info

    This forest includes Olas, hazelnut, ashill, almond, gildic and oak trees and ... It is 4 km far above the village of Nankerran and has a zone that has all the trees of that Ulaz (hornbeam) known under the same name. Ulaz plowed) Olas and oak shrubs are stacked along the path of hazelnut forest, which has been caused by the destruction of the forest in 40-50 years ago for the extraction of coal.
  • Pros

    Inside the forest, there is also a spa pool called Mrs. Shaykh, whose water has therapeutic properties, and many people come for this reason, and many for sightseeing, with a couple of days in the jungle and at the poolside. The spa and the cascade are located in the area.

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