Javanmardan Garden

(77 رای)

Javanmardan-e-Iran garden is one of the recreational areas of Tehran located at the boundaries between districts 5 and 22 of Tehran municipality. This garden is located between Shahid Hemmat highway to the north and Shahid Hakim to the south.

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  • Javanmardan Garden
  • Javanmardan Garden
  • Javanmardan Garden
  • Javanmardan Garden
Javanmardan Garden Javanmardan Garden Javanmardan Garden Javanmardan Garden مشاهده گالری


  • Price : Free
  • Address : The west Hakim Highway, East side of the Olympic Square, Tehran, Iran

Javanmardan-e-Iran garden with a total area of 150 hectares is one of the largest gardens that has been constructed using materials consistent with the nature in one of the seven river valleys located at the northwest area of the capital and its first phase located in District 22, covers an area of 36 hectares between the axes of Shahid Hakim and Shahid Hemmat.
One of the features that can be noted for this complex is its using of solar renewable energy.

  • Specific information

    This complex has three main entrances:
    1. Sadra Boulevard (the western entrance)
    2. Javānmardān Boulevard (the western entrance)
    3. South of Shahid Hemmat Highway (the northern entrance)

  • Outlook

    Special spaces:
    1. Musical fountain with an area of 8130 square meters with the latest advanced mechanical technologies and laser shows
    2. The house of health and sports with an area of 650 square meters for the promotion of social health knowledge
    3. The pond of birds with an area of 900 square meters
    4. Recreational walking routes with a length of 24 kilometers, a recreational carriage route with a length of 8 kilometers, a cycling route with a length of 8.7 kilometers.
  • Facilities

    Children`s playground with an area of 920 square meters, soft games with an area of 940 square meters
    Highland Park with an area of 2300 square meters, for the ages over 14
    a training and professional skate park with an area of 4600 square meters
    the rapple complex with an area of 1300 square meters
    a playground for ultra modern mechanical games with an area of 800 square meters
    multifunctional playgrounds with an area of 1355 square meters
    chess playing site with an area of 800 square meters
    table tennis and table football playgrounds with an area of 500 square meters.
  • More Info

    Service areas:
    1. fire extinguishing booth with a foundation of 250 square meters
    2. Police park buildings
    3. Gardening houses
    4. Sanitary services
    5. Booths for supplying cultural products and tourism information
    6. Outdoor parking lots of the complex for 900 vehicles
    7. Bicycle parking lots for 300 bikes
    8. Guardianships
    9. Electrical and water supplies posts
    10. The emergency and first aid facilities with an area of 260 square meters

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