Kafir Khelha (Sangasar)

(41 رای)

Kafir Castle is a historical name which is located about 6 km west of the city center of Mahdishahr (Sangasar) in the city of Mahdishahr over a high mountain that flows from the foot of the flower of Rudbar.

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The walls and the tower and its barley are stones and gypsum and sandwich and part of the walls are brick, and it is understood that the foundation of the castle has been a long time ago and, as its name indicates, it is later used by the eternians, the followers of Hasan Sabah, and the same In order to trace the Seljukites who called the "innocent" inside, they are called "Kafir Qala".

  • Background information

    Historical history of this city dates back to Islam and even the time of the pre-dynastic dynasties.
  • Specific information

    In the south of the historic city of Mahdishahr, on the summit of the mountains, there is a very ancient fortress castle of stones, gypsum and sardines. This castle, which is related to Iranians before Islam, is called Kafir or castle of Gobra, and also this historical castle like other castles of Koomesh has been used in the course of the history of history used by various tribes and peoples, as well as the cult of the Bytnians (Ismailis of Iran) from this castle It is used as an important refuge
  • More Info

    In Sangasar, narrators say that after years of endurance, castlemen eventually left their weapons, boxes, and objects near the fort in a mountain slope and, in front of it, took rocks and rocks that were totally Disappeared and nobody has ever gotten it. The specific structure of Mount Rudbar and its rocky rocks strengthen this hypothesis.

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