Karaj Shah Abbasi bridge

(58 رای)

Shah Abbasi bridge  is built at the entrance of the city on the Karaj River. The Karaj road is located in Chalous on the eastern side of the bridge and the new bridge is located at the entrance of the city and on its southern side.

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The old bridge of Karaj, in the past, has been the relationship between Ray and Tehran with Qazvin and the west of the country.
The bridge has two fountains, one big and one smaller, and is arranged between two vault fountains, a trunk base, which has two stands located between the two bases.
According to existing documents, the bridge's age probably dates back to the Seljuk period.

  • Specific information

    Materials used in the construction of bridges, bricks and mortars, and overhead bridge over the bridge.
  • More Info

    The eastern base of the bridge relied on a cliff in the adjacent mountains, and the base of the west relied on a large cliff in the valley wall. The length of the bridge is 61/20 m and the width is 80/8 m.

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