Khajeh Khezr Building of Birjand

(10 رای)

Historical monument of Khajeh Khezr on the north front of the Post Field in Sardeh neighborhood is one of the historical monuments in the historical context of Birjand city.

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  • Address : South Khorasan - Birjand - Montazeri 3.

Entrance to the Khaje Khezr building of Birjand may be through the hall with decorative brick designs, and then a corridor is set up directly in the courtyard. The building has a porch with an arched curtain on the front of the courtyard, and on the east and west sides of the courtyard there are anecdotes.

  • Background information

    Khaje Khezr building of Birjand belongs to the early Qajar period.
  • Specific information

    Brick ornaments in the exterior and view of the porch and formal decorations on the porch of the eaves are the building of Khajeh Khezr Birjand. The historic building of Khwaja Khidr is one of the holy buildings that has had a lot of importance and sanctity to the people of the city. It was one of the places where the "Haft Manbar" spiritual ceremony was held on the evening of Tasooa day.

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