Khanar forbidden hunting area

(8 رای)

Khanar forbidden hunting area is located 22 km northwest of Semnan city and northeastern Garmsar city.

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Khanar forbidden hunting area is 36476 hectares, a mountainous region with a lot of hills that due to elevation changes, there is a particular climatic difference; hence, in the northern regions, despite the high altitudes, it has moderate cold weather and in its southern regions with highlands Less warm with moderate temperatures.

  • Background information

    This area was banned and protected from 15/7/71, and then three other stages were extended, which has been prohibited in the fourth stage since 8/15/8 for another 5 years. .
  • Specific information

    Because of the huge difference in elevation variation in this area, major breeding types are found, so that the northern regions are more susceptible to depression and are affected by the northern weather with semi-cold vegetation and in areas The south is due to its proximity to the desert climate of the desert region. In the southern regions and the entrance of the species, the family Gaz and in the hill, most of the family shrubs, etc., and in the northern regions, such as the helicopter heights and the Uranus shrubs, with relatively high densities.
    Varieties of Gramineae, Artemisia, Gon, Barreza, Coma, Scissor, Gaz, Barberry, Tangsar are among the most important plant species in the region.
    The region has provided good and suitable habitats for wildlife due to the presence of adequate water - relatively suitable pastures and favorable climatic conditions. Famous species of mammals in the region include rams, whole and goats, deer, brown bears, leopards and other types of other cats: hog, fox, jackal, etc.
    The most important birds in the region are eagles and various types of birds, Québec, Tayho, Sparks, and so on.

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