Khoy Market

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Khoy Market is a huge market that has been the Safavid era and the commercial center of that period in Azerbaijan. The Khoy market is located in the eastern side of Khoy and has been booming for more than 300 years. Khoy market is considered one of the most beautiful and most engineering markets in the country.

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  • Address : The south-east side of the central quay and along the streets of Taleghani and Revolution.

Khoy Khayy is one of the most beautiful and valuable buildings in the West Azerbaijan, which, by spending long days, still has its economic pulse and area in the chambers and its caravanseries.
The Khoy bazaar in western Azerbaijan is one of the most beautiful and geometric markets in the country, which has kept its boom for more than 300 years and has been one of the most beautiful and geometric markets in the country.
This old market with caravansaries and numerous quadrangles reminds of the thriving economic day of the market when passing the Silk Road (AIPK Yuli) from the city.
The initial construction of the Khoy market complex dates back to the Safavid and Zandee periods, which have been well-organized in the Qajar period by Abbas Mirza.
According to historians and tourists, this bazaar is located in the old texture of Khoy, one of the most beautiful markets in Iran after Tabriz, Shiraz and Kerman markets.
This historic complex is architecturally decorated with a few decorated bricks, well-formed chairs and old trails from the most valuable monuments of our country.
A neat arrangement in the construction of brick and stone chimneys and domes, the architectural beauty of this monument has doubled.
The five beautiful caravanserals in the heart of this old-fashioned indoor market have boosted it. Khan Caravanserai, Raisins Chillar, Blasi, Chitz Musavar and Haj Mirhasem Caravanserai, and very beautiful and historic mosques of Mollassen, Haj Baba and Hojjatieh, and the very beautiful and unique bath of Mohammad Big and The existence of a stone gates with unique architecture in the south of this old market has made the building more spectacular for those interested in monuments.
The old Khoi market has been number 128 on the national list.

  • Background information

    The history of the current Khwi market is established during the Safavid period onwards, and most of its parts are ordered by the order of Abbas Mirza Qajar and by Amir Ahmad Khan Danboli, during the early Qajar period.
  • Specific information

    From the earliest times, this complex has been located on the eastern side of the city and connected to the entrance gate of the city, which is located between the streets of Taleghani and the Revolutionary Guards Tabataghahi and Ghapan, and has a rectangular shape and due to the modernization and expansion of the city In recent decades, due to the lack of attention to the valuable and valuable treasures of our city, which is a reminder of the greatness and glory of the past, many have been involved in it, but the amount of the old market of the market, which remained, is very valuable and interesting. is. Headquartered markets, well-organized quadrants and relatively large and interesting sites have given it a good shape.

    It is worth paying more attention to the evidence of the highness and longitude of holi. This set consists of several segments of the market, well-groomed squares, well-combined quadrants and old tracks that have larger residual textures, describing that large amounts of market orders, caravansaries and other related units, later joined to it and from the state Initially exited, but the same values from the market, the remnants of the most valuable and have a regular connection and in total, in terms of architecture, are appropriate and coherent.
    According to the architectural features, Khywi climatic conditions, such as the Isfahan, Kerman, and Arak markets, are without decorative tiles and inscriptions, only in some parts, especially on the four sides, there is a considerable degree of consistency Application and Chinese bricks are used.

    In the past, the beautiful pavement covered the floor, drinking water from the middle of the market, connecting the northern and southern parts of the city. The sewage of the city in the market and its surrounding streams is the oldest wastewater in Iran.

    According to numerous evidences and indictments, the city of Khoy is one of the old cities of Azerbaijan. As I mentioned above, Ibn Hawkil named the Khayy brick brick fence in 346 AH, but suffered many injuries due to natural and human disasters. It has been eaten and the current market of Khoy has been made since Zandieh, especially most of its parts, on the orders of Abbas Mirza Na'b al-Saltanah, which is a very beautiful and beautiful collection.
    -General appearance : Khoy bazaar is one of the most beautiful markets in Iran after the markets of Tabriz Isfahan Shiraz. And like the markets of Isfahan, Kerman and ..., there are no bricks and tile decorations, inscriptions, etc ... But in some parts, especially in the quadrangles of this decoration, there are brick bricks.

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