Lasgerd Caravanserai

(7 رای)

Lasgerd Caravanserai is related to the Safavid period and is located along with the pilgrim of Javad Alam Lasgerj and 13 km northwest of Sorkheh city in Sorkheh, Semnan province, and this work was recorded on April 16, 1998 as one of the national works of Iran.

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This caravanserai is a two-door caravansary with a wide courtyard with 24 chambers around it, as well as two beautiful caravanserai's veins in the west and east.

  • Specific information

    On the west side of the western porch there are 6 pavilions for accommodating passengers, and the eastern porch of the caravanserai is louder than the western porch leading through the corridor to the caravanserai's eight.
  • Outlook

    On the two sides of the octagon, there are two two-story porticos, built on the back of each porch of the small room, as well as the historical and antiquity period of the Safavid.

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