Lasgerd Castle

(11 رای)

Lasgerd Castle (Lasmoder or Ancient Appalachia) is 35 kilometers west of Semnan, 4 degrees and 53 minutes longitude, and 24 degrees and 35 degrees latitude in the Tehran-Khorasan margin line, and its difference from the sea level 1230 meters.

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Lasgerd village from the north to the lands of Zarei and the village of Ayaj, Jouin, Imamzadeh Abdollah and Emamzadeh Zayed and Aftehr districts, from the south to the communication axis of Semnan and Tehran and the lands of the village of Abad and Amir Abad village and from the east to the village of Asad Abad and Nimam And from the west it is limited to agricultural lands and the village of Abdul Abad.

  • Background information

    This castle was built during the Parthian period until the middle of the Qajar period, but it was destroyed after that.
  • Specific information

    This castle has six floors, in addition to the floor used as entrance, three floors on top and two floors in the basement, and also the castle was inhabited by the middle of the Qajar period, and since then Subsequently, the walls of the castle were destroyed slightly, until the floor remained on the walls of the eastern part of the castle.
  • Outlook

    The first underground floor is about seventy percent healthy, but the second floor is completely healthy and the roads and streets are still intact. In other words, the underground city of this castle is still healthy. is left.
  • More Info

    This solid castle built with large crude clay was built up to the middle of the Qajar period, and after this date it has been destroyed so that the late San'a al-Dawlah writes in the book (Informed by Shams): "... this castle There are six towers, and each tower has six rooms, around it, houses of one floor have made a splash, made of two rollets of beams to it, and covered the beams and made artificial streams and the passage of the square from these beams Is" .

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