Lyuos Village

(15 رای)

The village of Lyuos is located 73 km north of the city of  Dezful and is one of the historical villages of Khuzestan Province whose current context has a history of more than 700 years. The village of Lyuos is a function of the village of Seyyed Valeeddin Shahion dezful, located on the slopes of Langar Mountaion.

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The Lions Village is limited to the Northwest Mountains to Langar Mountaion and to the west to the Cole Valley. Its height is 970 meters above sea level and has a temperate mountainous climate.

  • Background information

    Because some of the village's buildings have an inscription based on that history (such as Haidar Abbasi's home). However, the existence of mills dating back to the Sassanid period takes the background of this region during the Iran-Rome War, and based on the citation A group of Italian researches The name of this village is Lewis, part of the name of a Roman commander, the naming of the nearby village called "Caesar" also confirms this claim.
  • Specific information

    In addition to the historic beauty of the houses, the Lyuos Village has natural and virgin attractions, including mountains, stunning meadows, fruit gardens, riverside, waterfalls, and more. It can attract many tourists from all over the world in the spring, fall and winter season due to the weather.
  • Outlook

    The Liuos Village has a special architectural style that is optimized for all parts of the building.
    For example, building columns have been used as wheat bins, or the design and materials of building materials are such that in different places the temperature needed to store the goods and materials is desired. The doors and windows are wooden and the orientation of residential units is to use the heat and sunlight to the south.
    The public passageway has a special feature and is designed to provide speed and health for pedestrians to reach the area around the village or back home. Because most of the materials used in this village are rocks. The village of Liuos is also known as the Dezful Stone Village.
    From other natural landscapes, it is the mountain range of the Zagros Dynasty, which has a very beautiful landscape. Sometimes this mountain is also called Mount Lious because of its proximity to the village.
    The range of pomegranate orchards around the village has given it a special effect. These gardens make the air and beauty and greenery of the village of Liuons look stylish.
    Tree trees, mountain pomegranates, figs and almond mountains, grasshoppers, chamomile and plants provide very beautiful planting around the village.
    Also, oak and almond forests are another attraction of this village.
    The right time to visit: This village is considered one of the landmarks of Dezful city, due to the type of historical texture and its beautiful nature in different seasons.
  • Must know

    To reach the beautiful historical and spectacular Lyuos village from the road north of the city of Dezful and the path of Shahiyoun after crossing the villages of Saleh Abad and the corner reach the village.
  • More Info

    In the Lyuos village, special ceremonies and ceremonies are held, including the traditional and religious mourning in Muharram and Safar.
    Other special events of the village, local weddings, first birthday, rain celebration and celebration of the beginning of cultivation. As well as games and sports such as local wrestling and playing wood among villagers.

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