Maharan Jolfa Waterfall

(64 رای)

Maharan Jolfa Waterfall is located at the edge of Aras River, in the protected area of Kiamaki, East Azarbaijan Province, and is known as one of the natural attractions of this province.

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  • Address : East Azarbaijan Province - Jolfa City - Near Gheshlagh Village.

In this region, due to the difference in height in a range and different climatic differences, the seasons of planting are varied. While in the late winter and early spring, at the edges of the Aras river, the trees are blooming and the flowers and plants have spawned the spring weather in the region, the southern heights, especially the hot-temperate heights, are covered with snow and peak in the late spring And it's happening early this summer.

  • Must know

    To see the waterfall of Maharan Jolfa, you should move from the road to the Maharān, or take the Maharān to the waterway down the road.

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