Mahrooyeh Kerman Wildlife Refuge

(37 رای)

Kerman's "Mehrooyeh" Wildlife Refuge, with an area of ​​55,831 hectares, is one of the protected wildlife sanctuaries in the central area of ​​the country.

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  • Specific information

    Vegetation: shrub, shovel, side, scanbill, scissor
    Mammals: Jiroft, Druzh, Hobara, Lunar, Green Indian tribe, Nightingale, Chakavak, Heddah, Shadhvar, and various wildlife birds are located at 5582 hectares, one hundred kilometer southwest of Jiroft city. This shelter is covered with massive trees that can be considered as the last surviving plain forests in eastern Iran, which is considered to be a natural and important ecosystem due to special climate conditions. Its area is about 55,831 hectares.
  • Outlook

    : Birds: Dirty, Jiroft, Tayho, Pigeon, Tree, Pineapple, Woodpeckers, Heddings, Sparrows, Nightingales, Quails, Dodomak, Sabzqba, Chakwak Kakli, Forest Worm, Ore, Fruit Chorus, or Karim, Chahch Duck, Duck, Hobra, Forest Dove, Hawk, Bee, Duck, Heron, Swallow

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