Malek Kerman mosques (Imam Khomeini Mosque)

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Malek mosque or Imam Khomeini Mosque of Kerman is the oldest and largest mosque in Kerman, 900 years old is one of the oldest mosques in Iran. Malek mosque was built during the rule of Turan Shah Seljuq and has many nurseries.

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The work of the mosque was completed between 476 and 489 AH. The mosque is 101 meters long and 91 meters wide and 9191 square meters. Malek mosque has three entrance doors and four verandahs, the largest porch with the name of the Great Qibla veranda on the western side of the courtyard. The ornaments are decorated with bricks and in the style of the Seljuk era.
The Malek mosque has several small altar gardens, dating back to the Seljuk period, from 100 to 150 years ago. There are three altars on the roof and in the shrine of Imam Hassan (AS), which are unique in their kind and enjoy the fifth-century artistic plaster.
There are also several nesting rooms in this mosque, the most famous of which is the Shrine of Imam Hassan (AS). In addition, it should be mentioned that the house of Aqa Sheikh Hassan-e Faqih has 22 columns. In the northwest, Agha Ali's nave is located in 6 columns, which is connected to the shrine of Imam Musa bin Ja'far (AS). The southwest is 27 pillars, but the eastern side is small.

  • Specific information

    In addition to the head, courtyard, porch and nave, you must mention the brick tower of the mosque, which is famous for the Seljuk tower, and is similar to the other brick towers that have survived from the Seljuk era in other parts of Iran. The tower is located in the north-east of the mosque and its upper part, leaving only 6 meters from it.
    The entrance to the head of the head is in Mogharnas, and at the bottom there is also a prominent Cartagena. The border of the arc is decorated with the plaster of the knot design.
    In the survey of the style of the mosque of Malek, the entrance door of the Malek Mosque is now the northern door. The old door was a wooden low-altitude mosque, and the philosophy behind the height of this door of the old zurkhaneh was that people would bend at the entrance to the mosque and then enter. After passing through the north entrance, we arrive at a fairly high ceiling with a view of the brickwork being considered.
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    Malek Kerman mosque (Imam Khomeini Mosque) was different in the past, so that on the western side of the mosque there was a waterfall at a depth of 4 meters for ablution. The water has been supplied from the aqueduct, and the water is open and on both sides has two steps and gives a special refreshment to the mosque. With the drying of the water of the Kvnat Mastoreh in less than half a century ago, it filled the waterfront and stoned it.
    Malek Kerman mosque (Imam Khomeini Mosque) was registered as a national monument in Iran on October 15, 1966, with the registration number 760.
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