Mapar Mansion

(10 رای)

The Mapar Mansion, built during the first Pahlavi era, is one of Ahvaz's historic mansions located on the southern Khansari avenue. The Mapar Mansion of Ahvaz has been rebuilt and is becoming a cultural and tourism center.

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  • Address : Ahvaz, South Khansari St., between Shahid Jahanian and Kafi.

The Ahvaz Mapar Mansion is decorated with bricks and there are stone basements, two large courtyards on both sides of the building, arch vaults and wooden doors of its features.

  • Specific information

    : The historic House of Mapar is in 2 floors and includes the underground which is located in the Hafez literary lobby and the Hafez Library, and a ground floor and room above, which is available to the handicrafts industry.
  • Outlook

    The construction of the Ma'apar mansion began in the late Qajar period, and was built in the first half of the Pahlavi period as a two-story building with a number of sidewalks, including kitchen and caretakers, overlooking the Karoon River. The hotel was bought and used by the Bank of England in Iran and the Middle East, and then used as an Ahwaz Health Department and is currently being used for residential purposes.
  • More Info

    The Mapar Mansion, which has been listed on the national monuments since 2001, is in the possession of the Khuzestan Cultural Heritage, and the word is restored and restored. Applying for the necessary funds to the workshop of traditional arts of Khuzestan Heritage Cultural Heritage.

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