Marimosh lakes

(46 رای)

Marimishu Nile is located in the mountains of the West Azarbaijan near the Iranian-Turkish border.

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Natural Lake Marimishu with an area of five hectares and a depth of 50 to 60 meters, is the habitat of various aquatic species, including trout. The water of this lake is supplied from natural springs and atmospheric deserts. The lake is a great place to fish and spend leisure time for tourists and nature lovers.

  • Background information

    The origins of the Marimishu lake are attributed to unrest in the earth, which is blocked by the earthquake and the fall of the mountain and the formation of the lake has now become the present state. According to a narration, the lake has taken its name from the name of the Christian leader of the region, Benjamin Marshimon, who served as the head of the clergy during the years 1200 (Hijri Shamsi), and was shot by Ismail Aqasmko on March 25, 1296 it is arrived. In the book A Look at West Azerbaijan by "Afshar Sistani" it is also referred to as Marbihash.
  • Specific information

    Throughout the river to the lake Marmişu, in addition to all kinds of forest trees, willow trees are a natural shield, round the lake. In the forest, in addition to the willow trees and the abundance of walnut trees around the villages and the area, oak trees, bayonets, jujube, pears, hawthorns, almonds, gazes, spruce and other shrubs have given the greenery to the nature of the area, Locations provide a good place to grow bees and attract beekeepers. But from plant species it should be mentioned of spit, nettle, lily of the valley, lilac mountain, sweet pepper, poppy, mountain gooseberry, yarrow, chicory, thyme, cucumber, and so on.
    The animal life is divided into two periods, in the current state of the bear, fox, wolf, rabbit. Although the gooseberries, hogs and leopards were also animals of the region. Birds should also refer to Quebec, Hawk, Quails, etc. Trout, whitefish and squid are among the many aquatic fishes in the lake, which are now severely affected by the opening of the human foot and its outbreaks. Maybe there is no news of the somers.
  • Must know

    Marmiško lake is mountainous and located in the valley only in warm seasons. It is best to avoid visiting the lake and its surrounding area in winter.

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