Masjid Pamenar Kerman

(40 رای)

Among the old mosques of Kerman, dating from the time of Emadeddin Ahmed from the rulers of the Al-Muzaffar era in Kerman, is Pamenar Mosque, the Pamenar Mosque of Kerman is located near the mosque of Kerman.

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The Pamenar neighborhood is a reminder of the rare crimes on its trip to Kerman, instructing the people to build the walls of the dead in the neighborhood, a tragic story to which Nader's physician, Bazin, has also referred to.
The well-known archaeologist on this mosque, "Pope", also adapted from "Eric Schroeder", writes that "there is another monument of Al-Muzaffar in Kerman, and that mosque is Pamenar, which in 793 AH was built by Sultan Imad al-Din Ahmad, the brother of Shah Shuja. .
In addition, there are other mosques in Kerman, although some of them, like the Malikdinar mosque, are associated with the name of this ruler of the Ghaznavid era, but its construction does not show such a date.
Some believe that the first mosque in the world was built in Bam, if this is true, then the mosque named after the Prophet Rasul, built by Abdullah Amer and located on the eastern side of the citadel, and the famous archaeologist Pop Has commented, is the oldest mosque in the world.
Khajeh Khazar mosques, Agha Gholamali, Qaleh Square, Shah Market ... are among other mosques in Kerman.

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