Miandasht Caravanserai Complex

(5 رای)

Miandasht Historic Caravansaries Settlement is located 105 kilometers east of Shahrood, and also Miandash Caravansaries are located in the village of Miyandash Shahroud in the Seven Farsakh of East Miami.

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  • Address : Shahroud-Sabzevar Road

The Shah Abbasi Caravansaries of Miandasht include three caravanseras connected to each other, with two caravansaries related to the Qajar period and a caravanserai related to Shah Abbas I.

  • Specific information

    These caravansaries, totaling over 20,000 square meters in size, have water storage, a bathroom, a chapel house and a telegraph house, and for many years there has been a resting place for caravans and pilgrims for the pilgrimage of the Eighth Imam (AS).
  • Outlook

    In the three meian dashat inn and its outside 20,000 pilgrims could have been home and also the history of middle caravanserai, explained by Malek al-Sha'ra Sabouri, the father of Malek al-Sha'ari Bahar, referred to poetry and named Caravanserai.
  • Recommendation

    at the present time, the main restoration of the caravansaries has been completed and it is ready for creation of accommodation, catering and services. Also, after the operation, the inn could be the center for the establishment of pilgrims and tourists visiting the tourist attractions of Shahrood And Miami, especially the Turan National Park, will travel to this area;
  • More Info

    This valuable historical collection, number 1439 on September 14, 1336. She has been registered on the National Iranian Book List.

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