Mianeh Blokan Waterfall

(59 رای)

Balkan Waterfall is located in the north of Balkan village, located in the historical part of Turkmenchay, 25 km from Turkmenchay, and is one of the natural attractions of East Azarbaijan.

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  • Address : East Azarbaijan Province - Turkomanchay Town - Bloken Village.

Blochan Waterfall is located at an altitude of 2180 meters above sea level and is about 10 meters high. On the path to this river valley is the current block. This river originates from the Bozghush altitudes upstream of the waterfall and flows through the valley of the bloon and watering down the agricultural lands down the river Chaya City.

  • Outlook

    above the waterfall of the region's blooms, covered with trees and shrubs such as hawthorns and a good skirt for living and hiding wild animals such as hogs, bears and so on.
  • Best time

    late autumn, because of wild animals, it's not a good time to go to the Bokan Waterfall; so be careful.
  • Must know

    Access to the Bokan Waterfall through the Turkmenchai city, the road to the village of Yukhari Sumah, the village of Dastjerd, and then the village of Bukhan. From the middle of this beautiful waterfall is about 40 minutes.

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