Miqan Nehbandan Mosque

(11 رای)

Miqan Mosque is generally built in a small and small area with its architectural features including a courtyard, a dome and a nave of Stendar and the dome of the house, and yet this is a privileged work in a remote village.

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In the courtyard of the mosque, Qanati, it is a flow that passes through this part and is built to the other side, where in those parts, these waters are gathered by the dewatering behind the mosque and reach for various uses, especially agriculture.

  • Specific information

    There is an entrance to the courtyard of the mosque, which is connected to the dome, and includes a rectangular area with a roof of which is a dome and three domes are placed in this space, underneath these domes are decorative decorations of beauty It is observed. The most beautiful part of this mosque, which has a special architecture, is its quadrangle, which is the area of the four-legged pillars of the base of the roof.

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