Mirza Rafsanjan's cave

(53 رای)

Mirza Cave is located 30 km northeast of Rafsanjan city and in the village of Ten Rangelands and is one of the attractions of Kerman province.

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  • Address : Iran - Kerman - Rafsanjan, 30 km northeast of Rafsanjan city

Perhaps the most unique feature of Mirza Cave is its intactness, which in turn enters into a close proximity to famous caves such as Alisadr and Kutala. Mirza Cave, which for a long time does not pass through its discovery, is due to the lack of visibility and the path to the thunderbolt of the Qandils and healthy stalagmates, and throughout it there is no news of the fractures, handwritings, and trappings of tourists. If you are not a professional caving crew, watching this cave may be distressing to you.

  • Background information

    The Mirza Rafsanjan Cave was fully identified by the climbing board in May 2008 by the caving crew of the Kandahar Mountain Resort and the Red Crescent Society of Kerman Province.
  • Specific information

    : Cave Baker and Ziba Mirza Rafsanjan has a suspended landing of 50 meters in a room space of 40 × 10 meters.
    The Mirza cave has 8 main chapels and 4 private halls, each of which has some special features.
    A 90 meter descent into the middle section of the Mirza Rafsanjan cave brings the caveman into a mysterious world. The area of the cave in this part reaches 150 square meters, which distinguishes the cave feature among the caves of the country and is unmatched among the caves of the province. The height of some candlesticks reaches 4 meters, which connects the ceiling of the hall to its bottom. There is wild wild fossil in the hollow region and at the end of the Northern Hall of the Blue Pond. At the ceiling of the North Hall of the Attic is 70 meters long, which requires climbing.
  • Outlook

    From the beauty of Mirza Rafsanjan's cave, it is unlucky to stay in the cave of its stalagtites and stalactites. Fortunately, there is no flashy and memorable flash on the walls, which is a matter of being technically and courageous.
    At the mouth of the Mirza Rafsanjan Cave, you will enter the narrow corridor, which is slightly wider on the path and places two paths ahead of you. A small hole on the right and a path in the face that looks wider. The main road is the small right hole that brings you to the 50 meter well of the cave. In the middle section of this cave, you will be faced with a 90-meter landing, and you will be in a tidy space that will make the cave more mysterious for you.
  • Best time

    Fortunately, the hot air of this cave provides the opportunity to visit it in all seasons of the year and visit it without any weather restrictions.
  • Must know

    To get to the wonderful Mirza Cave, you should take the way to Kerman and Rafsanjan and reach the distance of 32 km north-east of this city. From here on, your route passes through the village of referees. After this village, the bridge is seen on the main road, on the left side of the road. There are two ways to go along the road that you get, in all of which you have to go to the left. These two successive ways lead you to a small village that is considered the closest village to the cave. Now it is enough for the people of the village to visit the Mirza cave to guide you to the eastern side of the village and the valley, where the road of earth and the screw in its turn leads to the highlands where the Mirza cave is located. If you are tired along the path, you can rest on the side of a spring in this way of the screw in the screw, or if you have the strength, go up the mountain and in the large shadow of the cave near the cave, the restoration Do it The crater of the Mirza cave is not visible until it reaches its proximity. So do not despair and continue the road until you reach the old tree. You can use the car to run this route, but there is no guarantee that your car will stay on the road! So we recommend driving the road to the second village with a car and having a 30 minute walk from the spring.
  • Requirements

    In this cave, you need equipment such as helmets, pushpins, ropes, carbines or landing gear, so you can walk around for 5 hours.
  • More Info

    The size of Mirza Kerman's cave reaches 150 square meters and you can see various colors and designs in the Mirzai Cave rock formations. The candles that last millions of years, and some of them are so tall that the ceiling of the hall is connected to the floor. At the entrance to the western cave, you will find Mirza's cave for new leaves. Fossils of wild beasts and cohesive crystals, which may be sampled in less cave. At the end of the northern hall of the cave, there is a 250-meter-deep blue pond with clear water.