Moghan Protected Area

(51 رای)

Moghan Protected Area in the Southwest of Aslandoz district of Pars Abad city and west of Gheshlagh Dashte section of the city of Bileh Sardar, is located in northern Ardebil province.

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  • Address : Ardebil - Bilehard and Parsabad cities

Its lowest elevation is 40 meters in the Parsabad city and its highest point is 1300 meters high, Khosloo heights and 35000 hectares.

  • Background information

    The Moghan plain was generally submerged to the beginning of the third geological period in the Sanhelinal (shallow sea), and from the second half of the third period, due to the gradual decrease of water of the vast plain between the Khor River and the Aras.
    This area is in line with the plan for reviving deer in the Moghan plain, according to the Decree No. 26178/90 dated 28/6/90, and Resolution No. 350 of the Supreme Council for the Protection of Living Resources, dated 16/8/34/45540 dated 16/8/89 of the Cabinet of Ministers.
  • Specific information

    The animal species identified in the studied habitat are from wolf, fox, jackal, rabbit and wild boar and birds such as Eagle, Deliece, Chorchi, Mina and Peri Shahrokh, aquatic and waterfowl birds, and many species of sparrow Is. The species index is Moghan plain of Ahoori Iran which has been extinct due to uncontrolled hunts in recent years. The aim of this species is to revive this species in Moghan Plain with the transfer of neighboring areas, including the Sahin plain of Zanjan.
    Of indigenous and distinct plants of Moghan plain, there are three species of Artemisia and Omcom family with the name of Yoshen. This plant covers a large surface of plain ranges including
    Artemisia Herbaim
    Artemisia vuigar
    A rtemisia scoparia:
  • Best time

    : autumn and winter season
  • Must know

    The geographical location is 4723 inches long and 3921 in width
  • Facilities

    At this time, the replication site has been created with the facilities of a box office as an outpost of the Bunny environment in the region.
  • More Info

    Within the boundaries of 23 villages there are two villages with a population of 60 and 72 households with a population of 244 and 429, and the number of 8 villages has 20 to 50 households and 13 is less than 20 households, the density People are 10 people per square kilometer, and the jobs of these villages are just livestock. The roads are accessible to the above-mentioned villages as well as tops and are connected to the main roads of Ardebil-Parsabad and Parsabad-Ja'farabad along the sub-road pavement in the north of the aforementioned area.
  • Pros

    - The presence of Shahsun nomads in the region
    - Possibility to visit the semi-natural propagation site of deer in the region
    - Birdwatching for natural enthusiasts especially during the fall and winter season
    - Grazing over livestock and rangeland capacity
    - The conversion of pasture land to agriculture by people

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