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In the distance of 185 km from Yasuj city in Marghon Boyer Ahmad, two beautiful and rare lakes are located a short distance from each other, called Moore Yellow and Shamed Paint. These lakes are like the small blue ocean reflecting the refreshing and refreshing mirror of the area. The lake, called "Berme Moor Yellow Zilai" and "Barm Deluxe", is located at an altitude of 2180 meters above sea level.

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Lake Moore Zard is one of the lakes of Kohgiluyeh and Boyerahmad province, located 180 km northwest of Yasuj. The "Moore Yellow and Shame of Color" lake, 185 km from the city of Yasuj, has created a pristine nature.
The lake covers over 35 hectares. The water of this lake is supplied by karstic springs and surface runoffs. The average depth of the lake is 8 meters.
In this lake, fish live in common carp, frog, sea turtles, eel, turtles and crabs. Blue birds such as chicken, ducks and geese have been seen around the lake.

  • Specific information

    This lake is registered in a geographic map called Burm Moore Zard. The water of this lake originates from the tangy apple and tall mountains of the Darberry, and after a distance of about 10-15 km it flows into the lake of Bermeo. There are many springs around the lake. The lake has more than 35 hectares. The maximum and average depth of the lake is 14 and 8 meters, respectively.
  • Recommendation

    In the western part of the Moore Lake, another lake is called "Haper", which is smaller than Lake Moore, but its natural condition is similar to that of fish and birds. The water of this lake flows through the narrow path to the water of the river Beards in the Sadat Shah dominates the Kohgiluyeh area, and after a long distance it joins the Karoon River.
  • Pros

    The area around these lakes is clad in yellow flowers, mountainous trees and lush cultivated women, which has doubled the beauty of these lakes.
    Considering the vast area of these two lakes, the existence of a spectacular and spectacular nature can be the origin of tourists like Aquatics.

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