Mosque of Aqa Gholamali Kerman

(50 رای)

Aqa Gholamali Kerman Mosque This mosque is located in the city of Kermān (Tohid), one of the oldest and most ancient mosques in the city of Kerman. Aqa Gholamali Mosque was built in 1229 AH 200 years ago by a person named Aqa Gholamali.

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  • Address : Kerman, the square of the citadel; the south-east side

Aqa Gholamali Kerman Mosque Three doors have a large entrance, each of these doors, like the sides of a triangle, facing one another to the square of the citadel, the other inside the alley to the residential houses of that time, and the other side of the main alley and on the way of people's journey
The minaret of Aqa Gholamali Kerman Mosque is short and decorated with beautiful tile decoration of Qajar era.

  • Specific information

    Inside the mosque, Mr. Gholamali Kerman, all beautiful tiles and beautifully arranged in a very simple and attractive way that attracts the attention of every tourist. The marble of this mosque is another feature of this mosque that is beautiful and Skillfully decorated with tiles and precious stones
  • More Info

    Aqa Gholamali Kerman Mosque was registered on March 21, 2007 with the registration number 21485 as one of the national works of Iran.

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