Museum and Fire Temple of Zoroastrian Kerman

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The Zoroastrian Museum and Fire Temple is, in fact, the only Museum of Zoroastrian Anthropology in the world that displays the ear of ancient Zoroastrian history. The Zoroastrian fire temple of Kerman, located at Iranshahr Street, was founded in 1303, and in that same year, Terhram's fire was settled in this place.

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One of the oldest objects in the Zoroastrian Temple Museum in Kerman is a book of handwritten Goths with a history of more than two hundred years and a manual burning with a carved date of 1207.
Among the most valuable parts of this museum are the department of Furtor and documents, which are very valuable among them by the Nursery's Association of Zoroastrians in Kerman and Rafsanjan, and famous experts such as Arbab Kikhsro Shahrokh, Mirza Barzou Amighi, Mrs. Poorandokht.
Part of this museum has been dedicated to various kinds of fireplaces, oil burners, pizzas and tulle lamps.
Women's clothing from 50 to 150 years old and from the Achaemenid to Sassanid documents suggests coverage of Zoroastrian women. Emna, Lechka, Scarf, Coat, Shirt and Embroidered Trousers are of all kinds and have a special beauty.

  • Background information

    The idea of the foundation of the Zoroastrian Museum of Ethnology in Kerman was founded in 1362 along with the foundation of the library of the Zoroastrian Association of Kerman. In this year, Parviz Vakhshvori, chairman of the Zoroastrian Association, along with Mehran Ghibi, the head of the library's time, collected objects of the cultural heritage of Kerman Zoroastrians and added to this day another works.
    Finally, the Zermatt Temple of Kerman Museum was officially opened on the Tirgan Festival in 2005 through the Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts and Tourism Organization.
    The building of the museum was completed in the 1370s by the efforts of Farzaneh, Heshdizar Asidari and Mahindokht Siavoshian, and ended in 1380.
  • Specific information

    The building of the Zoroastrian museum and temple of Kerman is on two floors in the form of a circle in the middle of which are high columns, and the second floor overlooks the first floor.

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