Naderi hill

(45 رای)

Naderi hill is one of the ancient and historical works of Parsabad city in the Aslandoz district. It is located in the southwest of Aslandooz around Aras River and Dareh Rood.

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  • Address : Ardabil-Parsabad- Aslandoz

The hill is 30 meters long and its surrounding area is about 1,000 meters and its length is 120 meters and its width is about 100 meters.

  • Background information

    Some believe that the rare hill, due to its strategic and military significance, is considered to be the oldest in the region and dates back to the third and fourth millennium BC
  • Facilities

    This hill is historically remarkable because in this hill, Nader Shah formed a large group to defeat Shah Tahmasb II Safavid and summoned the country's leaders and elders to the plain of Moghan, which led to the overthrowing of Mirza .It was also said that Nader Shah Afshar ordered his soldiers to build a hill with their fists so that Nader Shah could speak to them, and then naderi hill was created at a height of 9 meters.
  • More Info

    The hill was one of the last recorded works in the Pahlavi dynasty, registered in 1357.

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