National Park of Urmia Lake

(35 رای)

National Park of Urmia Lake is one of the protected areas of the country, which, due to the natural conditions and suitable biological conditions for many kinds of birds and wildlife, are considered as one of the most valuable national parks in the country and even in the world. It is numbered.

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  • Address : West Azarbaijan Province - Urmia Lake

Urmia Lake National Park with an area of 462,600 hectares is one of 9 biosphere reserves in Iran.
Urumia Lake has 102 islands with rocky cliffs that are inhabited except the Islamic Isles (now because of the drying of the lake to the peninsula).
The name 102 of the island of Urmia Lake is as follows: Wish, Tear, Spear, Kaboodan, Islamic (Shahi), Spiro, Spear, Azin, Mehr, Mehran, Mehrdad, Berzou, Barz, Siavash, Sinatpeh, Trang, Tangak, Bashanak, Ashkar , Ashkou, Chaktep, Di, Magh, Square, Cheshmaknar, Mianeh, Saman, Azar, Sangan, Sanghu, Tak, Juzar, Jouin, Jodayereh, Sepid, Bourist, Ziabah, Bahram, Gurz, Ardeshir, Nahid, Hidden, Shahin, Konarak , Zoroaster, Khershk, Omid, Griukh, Pollock, Goyo, Goliqu, Rose, Quiet, Asylum, Craig, Navyan, Zagh, Meshkin, Sa'ran, Pishva, Kam, Kameh, Soroush, Sorkh, Shabdiz, Captcha, Koochetpec, Toos, Bazin , Arash, fire, black stone, vulture, Vorteph, Navi, Nefteh, Sheshtpash, Irannejad, Swords, Mahdis, Kakaye Above, Kakayi Middle, Kakaye Bottom, Flat, Takhtan, Merkid, Kaveh, Mahvarsh, Nadid, Bow, Zarkaman, Zarankak, Nahan, Bard, Bardin, Bardak, Tir , Trick, sergea, bin, scapegoat.

  • Background information

    In 1346, the lake and all the islands (except Islamic islands) were declared as protected areas and in 1354 it was introduced to the wetlands of the Ramsar site and changed in the same year as the National Park of Urmia Lake. On the other hand, the national park is one of the 10 international national parks in the UNESCO and one of the 59 international biosphere reserve areas.
  • Specific information

    The National Park of Urmia Lake is an important habitat for Iranian Yellow-tailed Deer and Armenian Sheep. Flamingo, Pelicans, Kakai and Tanger are from the birds of the region. Types of poisonous and semi-poisonous snakes and lizards are the species of reptiles in the region.
  • Outlook

    The Kabudan Steppe Island and parts of this semi-jungle island. Wild pistachios along with other shrubs such as wild almonds, mountain ares, almond almonds, savory and wild tomatoes, and various plants such as horsetail, chicken, sheepfish and wild oats The names of the plants and trees of these islands.
    The mass flying of flamingos, peaches, tufts and cuckoos in the lake of Urumieh creates magnificent landscapes in spring and summer.

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