Negar Bardsir

(45 رای)

The historic Negar Tower in the village of Negar is located in the city of Bardsir and 25 km from the main road. Negar Bardsir is one of the works of the Seljuk era and is almost 900 years old.

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Bardesir's brick tower is decorated with a inscription that is written in the Kofi's line and is decorated with turquoise tiles and the slogan "Asahad al-Nahr al-laulah" and "Ashkhad-e-Nahmud al-Rasulullah" are among the most valuable and beautiful parts. It forms the tower. In the middle of it is a circular staircase that is skilfully constructed.

  • Specific information

    The historic tower of the altitude is about 20 meters long and once belonged to the mosque that is now ruined.
  • More Info

    There are also other towers in Bardsir, such as the Mahobak Tower in the Kuh-e-5 village that attributes its construction to the Azeri people (the ruler of Kerman during the time of Anoushirvan and Bani Mahan of Kerman), the old tower of Bahramjard (Qajar), the tower of the Selard neighborhood Qajar), Qarat al-Arab, Kamalabad and Yousef Ali's towers

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