Non-hunted hunting ground Yasuj

(7 رای)

: Yasuj prohibited hunting ground At the beginning of the Kohkiluyeh and Boyer Ahmad province, on the right side of the moon of Parviz, its height is 2500 meters above sea level.


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The region includes short thorns, several species of gooseberries, wild lettuce, foxtail and herbaceous plants. Fortunately, the vegetation of the region has increased due to avoidance of excessive livestock. The trees of this area include wild almonds, oak, wild boar, wild pear and wild walnut, hawthorn, sinister, erogen, elok, and so on.

  • Background information

    The geology of the rocks of the region is related to the third era of geology, consisting of marl and bedrock. There are one or two specific faults in the area, including the Islamabad fault that prevents water from penetrating and transmitting water to the lower layers.
    Characteristics: The wildlife of the region consists of various types of owls, tufts, owls, woodpeckers, sparrows, bears, hogs, wolves, jackals, hyenas, foxes, squirrels, rabbits and all kinds of small mammals, respectively. It should be noted that in the year 75 the leopard was seen in this area, but after that it was not seen yet.
  • Outlook

    The river is a permanent river that has a well-lit head, which is tasty in a tropical area, with good water, which is somewhat contaminated during the nomadic part of the tribe, but no contamination has been detected at present. Its other branches are covered with tight, tightly shiny, tight red and tight closets, which are contaminated by the entry of rural wastewater and pesticides, and the water content of which is often trout dropped. . By joining the bailouts to the other branch of the river, the Bashar River is located in Yasuj and after joining Venus to the Persian Gulf.
  • More Info

    The area is under surface water erosion, the main causes of which are excessive livestock, sloping and inappropriate irrigation practices. These factors reduce the depth of soil that can be exploited. In many places, there are light sediments that indicate that the river is active. However, the amount of erosion varies depending on the different seasons.

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