Old City of Dehdasht (Balad Shapour)

(37 رای)

The historical boundary of the old city of Dehdasht is located next to the new Dehdasht city, also known as the Balad Shapur. Balad Shapour Kohkiluyeh and Boyerahmad with an area of ​​40 hectares, dating back to at least Safavid times.

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The city that once had a thriving boom has a tower and rain bar, which is now part of it.

  • Specific information

    A look at the geography of the site shows that the city played a significant role in the trade of the time, due to being on the way to the Safavid's capital to the southern ports and also near the city of Arjan or Bhopal. The city has a tropical climate and its architecture is inspired by the Safavid era architecture.
  • Recommendation

    In other Kohgiluyeh and Boyerahmad cities, there are also historic and beautiful places of interest that can be noted for the tango-sarvak reliefs in the city of Bahmei and the Cheshmeh Belqis in the city of Chram.

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