Omar Shah Birjand Band (Amir Shah Strait)

(17 رای)

Amir Shah's historical strait is located 2 km southwest of Birjand with east-west direction along the seasonal riverside within the Bagheran mountain range.

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This structure is designed to store water and prevent flooding with brick, stone and mortar. The length of the crown is 27 meters long, its width is 6 to 4 meters and the height of the wall is 13 meters. On the sides of the emergency water drainage channel, two bundles with a width of 1.70 meters have been created that further strengthen the strap.

  • Background information

    Omar Shah Dam was rebuilt by the Agricultural Directorate in 1988 in a way that the historical face of this work has been altered. This historical part during the Qajar period was the time of the rule of Heshmat al-Mulk alam (second half of the 13th century) along with two other historical clauses (Band Dare and Band Alang) and has been registered on the 4815 National Register of National Monuments.
  • Specific information

    The construction of the Amirshah can be considered as an arched and basic dams. Because the arched body of the dam in the middle has a two-legged bolt supporting the wall against the water pressure of the reservoir. This building has been repaired and refurbished in a newer period.
  • More Info

    The area is among the mountain range of Bagheran and beside one of the most beautiful villages in the north and the south between the valleys and due to the delicacy of the climate, the spring of rivers and fresh water qanats have accumulated population. The ridges, which are mostly along the northern part of the South, are cut and give rise to many streams and springs that supply the water needed by the villagers and the southern population of the city of Birjand.

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