Parak National News

(35 رای)

The national park with an area of ​​about 150 thousand hectares is considered one of the largest national parks in Iran located in Kerman province.

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  • Address : Iran - Kerman – Texture

  • Background information

    National News Park is located 60 km south of Baft city and was introduced by the Environmental Protection Agency in 2000 as National Park. The National Park National Park is the 11th largest national park in Iran.
  • Specific information

    Most of the national news park is covered by mountains, but the dispersal of these altitudes is not the same throughout the shelter. Except for the big and small mountains that are seen in the northwest shelter, the other high mountains in the harbor are sheltered in the mountain range from northeast to southwest.
    Fountains, rivers, wells, qanats and temporal waters are part of the National Park's National Park.
  • Outlook

    Two main peaks of the snow well and the towering peaks of the natural effects of the National Park News. The Cave of the Night Viper, which is located in the mountains of the News, is like a large 40 meter high and 20 meter wide hall with glossy walls on its forehead.
  • Best time

    Due to the lack of atmospheric rainfall, the surface water level of the area is negligible, and except for periods when the rainfall is severe, the rest of the year most of the species is dry and waterless, and the inhabitants of the area also have their animals and their needs From underground water.
  • More Info

    The news park has a rich vegetation and the species of caracal, wolf, jubilee, whole and goat, ram, eagle, as well as cheetah, and birds such as huber, drag, quebec, eyeball, golden eagle, long legs and a large number of birds The protagonist has put his name on. Rochoon Wildlife Refuge is also located next to the park with 50,000 hectares.

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