Persians Qa'im Kerman (Ghaem Forest Park)

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The Khorram Parayesan Ghaem Kerman, also known as the Ghaem Forest Park, has been protruding with its numerous trees for six decades. The forest, with its 300 hectares, has lost 70 hectares over the years, but is still the main part of Kerman's green space.

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The soil of the city of Kerman on its eastern margin is the bedrock of the largest forests of Iran's foraging plant; a forest with 230 hectares of land, one shadow of which has been a smoke-free place in the city.
Pardisan Qa'im Kerman (Ghaem Forest Park) has been especially popular in recent years by the people of Kerman. Ghaem Kerman Forest Park, with its 300 hectares, has lost 70 hectares over the years but is still the main part of Kerman's green space.

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    More than six decades ago, when Dr. Muzaffar Baghayee initiated the initiative to create a huge forest on the rocky grounds of the eastern city of Kerman by creating a forestry committee with the presence of dozens of practitioners of that period, in the most optimistic case, perhaps the effect of this action In Kerman did not think.
    Pardisan Qa'im Kerman (Ghaem Forest Park), the largest forests of Iran, has a lot of history in Kerman; it is also a place of farewell to the loved ones and the main part of the green space of Kerman, which includes most of the lungs of the city. And now he is gradually experiencing development and is going to be a factor for the development of tourism and tourism.
    The shrine known as "Seyyed Hossein", one of the oldest holy shrines in Kerman, is strikingly striking between the mountains and the forests of Ghaem planting, and Kermany holds various ceremonies in this place.
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    And next to the martyrs' graveyard, Mahdieh is the mosque of Saheb Al-Zaman, which, with its high spiritual attraction, hosts each week the waiters of the advent of the Imam of Time (aj). Another feature of this forest is the creation of a fire fighting unit in the center of Qa'im Forest, which can eliminate the possibility of any damage from the fire.
    Increasing the area of this forest in the western section of the highway, as well as the slopes and valleys of this area, limiting the level of construction to the appropriate extent, and also localizing and matching the existing buildings and facilities, strengthening forest management and creating maintenance and protection sectors such as moorage and forestry Within the framework of technical and expert programs, as well as the transformation of this space into a workshop aimed at promoting an environmental culture through the implementation of educational plans, as well as increasing the possibilities for citizens to learn and habituate to preserve the environment, which can, in addition to Stability of this c Negel will play a new role in the lives of people.