Pirbala Waterfalls Marand

(50 رای)

Pirbala Waterfall is one of the attractions of the East Azarbaijan province, where the waterfall is located in the southeast of the Pir High Village. The oldest village is located 18 km from Marand city and after passing through 4 villages of Amamq, Love Abad, Esh Abadbala and Eysh Abad you will reach the village.

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From the village of Piperbal to the waterfall, it takes about 2 hours to walk with gentle slopes. The route passes through a valley covered by large cliffs and many springs. The height of the waterfall is about 10 meters.

  • Specific information

    The establishment of the village of Pirbala in a large valley and located at the mouth of the two rivers, has given it an interesting geographical location. The most important occupations of this village are agriculture and animal husbandry. One of the most prominent crops of the past can be walnut, apricots and apples. The income of most villagers in the area is also supplied by these products. It is also the production of nuts from other top-of-the-country products.
  • Outlook

    The waterfall is full of walnut and apricot trees.
  • Best time

    In spring, it is harder to go to the waterfall due to the water's water content, but early summer is the best time to use the natural scenery of the village of Pirbar and Pirbala Waterfall.

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