Princes of the Prince of Hussein Jupar

(43 رای)

Prince Jaapar is one of the most prominent members of the Jupar section of the functions of Kerman. This Emamzadeh has an interesting architecture and construction. The monument of Prince Hossein Jupari (AS), numbered 529 of the historical monuments of Iran, dates back to the Safavid era, and part of its tile dates back to Nasir al-Din Shah's time.

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No doubt, the martyr of Imam Zadeh Hussein (AS) in Jupar, confirms the Prophet Jupar. When the name "Jupar" is taken, the name of Imam Zadeh Hussein (AS) is manifested in the human mind. The blue dome of its white lines, which creates regular geometric shapes, shines like the Ningni in the middle of the city.

  • Background information

    The building of this shrine dates back to the Safavid period, and this building has been restored during different periods and stucco, mogharnas, porches, porches and doors were installed in 1354.
  • Specific information

    : The trees in the middle of it and the rooms around it gave it a special effect, and the tile work and the mirror in the porch have dominated the spiritual spaces of this place.
    One of the extensions of this building is a caravan building built in close proximity to the tomb.
    The building of this Imam Zadeh is located in the courtyard and is considered a prestigious shrine of Kerman.
    The building of Prince Hossein consists of Hosseiniyeh, Sangkhaneh, Market Square, two pilgrims, a courtyard, a shrine, a dome, a porch, and so on. One of the most interesting decorations of the Safavid era is the enclosure of the porch around the shrine
  • Outlook

    The ancient pilgrims are built in two floors, the presence of ponds and trees in the middle of it and the rooms to the far away has given a special effect to this place.
    This dome is inspired by the architectural style and Mahan Dome.
    The principle of the 35.37 m tomb, four beautiful porches in the east, west, north and south (4 verandas), the principle of the mosque is 10/10 m 2 with a height of 7 m, the diameter of the dome is 7 and a half, and a height of 10 and a half.
    Inside the grave of three Imam Zadeh, which are from the sons of Imam Musa ibn Ja'far (a) are seen.
  • More Info

    Imam Zadeh Hussein, Imamzadeh Qasem and Imam Zadeh Abdullah (PBUH) No information is available since the birth and martyrdom of Imam Zadeh, but it can be said that about a few years after the martyrdom of Imam Reza (AS) in this place have been martyred.
    Famous place belongs to the son of Imam Musa Kazem (AS), but the books of the Kerman province graves, which have recently been compiled and are in the process of printing. He believes that with the same similarity there are some graves in Shiraz, Behbahan, Tabas, Qazvin and Kufa, each of which has a separate discussion.
    Buried person in this place is Hossein ibn Hussein bin Zayed, the martyr bin Imam Ali ibn al-Hussein al-Sajjad (AS).
    The date of his great martyr dates back to the year of 200 AH and he was martyred by the command of "Ithis bin Ayin", the ruler of Khorasan and Kerman.
    The mosque of Prince Hussein Jupar (AS) of Kerman, which is the holy day of lovers, is about 50 thousand on special days and has 15 thousand pilgrims on ordinary days.

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