Protected area of Karaj River

(40 رای)

Karaj protected river is a supplier of Tehran's drinking water, agricultural water of neighboring areas and source of electricity supply in the country. It has a hydrological structure and potentially biological potential due to its structure and its hydrological features.

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Protected area of Karaj River includes Karaj River and its rivers sinking from the spring (Kandovan Mountains, Dizin Mountain Khersang and ...) to Karaj-Tehran Bridge (Approval No. 1) with an approximate length of 75 km All the way through the steep slopes of valleys and rocks passes.

  • Background information

    Karaj River as one of the most abundant rivers in the southern slopes of Alborz since 1964 and in Resolution No. 1 dated 7/6/46 in the Row of the Protected Eco-Rivers.
  • Specific information

    The ecological features of the 2nd mountain ranges follow along the route in various latitudes, 8 to 15 meters and depths of 1 to 2 meters, at the end it flows into the salt lake located near the city of Qom. Average water of the Karaj River is 17 cubic meters per second, which is lower in summer and autumn, reaching its peak in winter and early spring.
    River Ships:
    Chondro, Chondroat, Nimrk Valley - Valley, English Valley (Vine), Valley of the Adolescents, Rashkh Paradise, Shah Robat, Khord, Sijan, Charan, Sarsiard, Gurab, Argenh, Seven Springs, Adrian-Douran, Khuznkula, Ozer, Nashtarod-Hellas Varyan, Gesarehra (Rossakan), Morud, Wesal-Darreh, Shlanke, Sark, Laniz, Shahr-e-Kark, Kalarood-Gashtdar-Chazil, Garmab, Azadbar-Mill, Port of Sarensa, Velayedrud-Dizin, Paysayad, Shirkamar-Sottak and Varang Rood, The most important streams of this torrid river make up.
    The most important springs of Karaj protected river are Sothek, White Sothek, Shirkamar, Sikno, Karim Chal-Varangrood, Nimrk, Jian-Kondur, Chahshan-e-Saran, Shahi Khoreh, Seven Springs, Cheshmeh Valley , Qasr Nasr al-Din Shah-Shahr-e-Shahrkhk, Basal-Shahr-e-Kark Valley, Bidar Cheshmeh Baghestan and Payyad Sayyed.
  • Outlook

    According to available bachelor reports, red trout, rainbow trout, lepidoptera (fish), fish sauce (broad-leaved) or black-footed fish (fish dogfish, fish bride or fish snake), including The fish in the Karaj River and the Black Fish and White Fish are among the fish in the lake behind the Amir Kabir Dam.
  • More Info

    The special natural trails that accompany the river and mountain ecosystem along the way have provided an opportunity to make the Karaj-Chalus road, which is parallel to the river and is one of the main highways of the country, to one of the important hubs Tourism, especially the sports tourism branch, is becoming a tourist attraction every year in the fishing season (late spring to late summer), which attracts many tourists who are interested in fishing sport. This river has previously irrigated all the gardens in the city of Karaj, the Sarohad Abad township and the city of Shahriyar and Savojbolagh. But in recent years, due to the growing growth in the metropolis of Tehran, M. The main level of the river for drinking water will be transferred to Tehran
  • Cons

    Now, on the one hand, due to the establishment of service units, agricultural lands and rural residential centers, the entrance of various urban and agricultural wastewater and the threat of habitat and, on the other hand, due to the wide scope of the area of protection and scope of the area of operation, and the shortage of manpower and facilities that lack access to vehicles The right vehicle is at the top of all of them, despite the overnight effort of environmentalists through unauthorized fishing, a significant decline in populations of some of these species has been observed.

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