Protected area of the Chalous River Alborz

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The protected area of ​​the Chalous River flows from the Alborz slopes to the Kandovan Mountains and after passing more than 85 kilometers into the Caspian Sea.

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Chalous River Protected Area is located in Mazandaran province. This river originates from the Alborz slopes in the Kandovan mountains. After passing more than 85 kilometers and connecting the water of the river Zanasi and Donna to it, as well as dozens of springs and waterfalls, it passes through the city of Chalus and flows between the two villages of Farajabad and Mohammad Abad Caspian Sea spill.

  • Specific information

    The existence of the Tehran-Chalous road along the river's route makes it easy to get there. This route is one of the most beautiful routes in Iran and even in the world.
  • Outlook

    The river and its branches from the source to the estuary have beautiful and wonderful views. Kandovan Mountains, Alamkouh Peaks, Mazandaran Valley, Thousands of Cham Valley, Thousands of Springs and Thousands of Waterfalls, Black Hills Valley, Zangula Valley, Thousand Chah, Forest Prospects, Spring Gardens, Lush Rocks and Landscapes, and Amazing Wonders of Natural Elements and Attractions of the River are.
  • Facilities

    The outskirts of the river have good resorts to be used by travelers. Catching a variety of fish from this river and its branches is one of its catching elements

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