Rafsanjan's Qasiriyah (Qaisar-e-Shah Bahram)

(53 رای)

Qaisar-e-Rafsanjan (Qaiserah Shah Bahram) is located in the eastern part of the Rafsanjan market and the history of this cultural monument dates back to the era of Al-Muzaffar. Rafsanjani's Qaisarīyah belonged to a person named Bahram Shah in the past and is now known as one of the historical attractions of Rafsanjan.

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Rafsanjan's historical archipelago is one of the most unique monuments of Kerman province, indicating the determination of the desert people to thrive in life and business, but after many years, this market has already fallen into trouble and is engaged in promises.
Perhaps many people in Rafsanjan are not familiar with the history of the city's historical market, maybe few will be able to provide accurate and complete information about the market, what year the market was built, or what the area, the number of shops, etc. It's a matter of question and research, but it's a matter of fact that this market is increasingly destroying every day, with neither people nor officials doing so.

  • Specific information

    The Rafsanjan market has long been known as the city's economic and trade center. Rafsanjan's bazaar has a mosque, nine Seljuk Gonbad, Qaisry, Dock, Caravanserai, Water Depot, Sangkhaneh, Baths, and parts that are firmly established by factors Natural demolition was restored during the Qajar period, and this historic monument, a combination of Iranian architecture of different periods, was built in two directions east and west. The length of the market in the north-south direction was 100 m by the market. In the west direction to the east is about a thousand meters.