Ram of Sistan and Balouchestan

(9 رای)

From the city of Sistan and Baluchestan, or the Shahriyar, the name of the headquarters of the Kings of Kings in various historical and geographical books is mentioned. There are countless ancient hills in this area; there is also a unique and unique building on the hill of the fire temple of the town of Ram.

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The famous story of the abandonment of this city was that the old dam of the Hirmand River was broken and the river water quickly reached the city. The city was the center of the Sistine rule in the Sassanid period, after which Zarang became the center of Sistan's rule in the Islamic era.
Ram Sistan is one of the important works of the Sistan region, and no other work has been performed except for surface surveys and typology of pottery. All geography texts that have traveled to Sistan in the early Islamic centuries have been named Ramadan as the seat of the kings and rulers of Sistan .

  • Specific information

    The "city of Ram" or "Akehriar; the original Sistan territory was in the midst of Kerman and Sistan, due to the change of direction of the Hirmand River and the transformation of the area into the desert, the people had to leave the city and become savvy. Despite buried The city of Ram was under the sands of the desert, until the fourth century, some of its buildings and houses remained.
    Hertsfeld has also obtained the remains of its ruins, the most important of which are three fire temples. The building is located 33 km south-east of Zabul and the main road of Zahak and Afrabi Khajeh Ahmad and dates back to the Parthian period and the Sassanid era.
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    Ram city with over 2200 years old is one of the ancient areas of Zahak city. The city's fortress and fortress are still hills. Although in the year 1345 it was registered in the list of works, there has not been much research in this area and there have been few research chapters in this area. Since 2001 alone, research has begun on this work. The old Hearmand River is abandoned by the city.

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