Rudbar-e Qasran

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Roodbar Qasran, in the suburbs of Tehran, is a beautiful mountainous region with a very fine weather. It is actually one of the districts of Shemiran in north of Tehran. Roodbar Qasran covers an area of approximately 400 square kms. There are over 20 magnificent green mountainous villages in this region each of which shines like a glittering piece of jewel in Alborz mountain range

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  • Rudbar-e Qasran
  • Rudbar-e Qasran
  • Rudbar-e Qasran
  • Rudbar-e Qasran
Rudbar-e Qasran Rudbar-e Qasran Rudbar-e Qasran Rudbar-e Qasran مشاهده گالری

Roodbar Qasran is a mountainous region and therefore the farms of the region are a few. Thus most of the locals work in the fields of animal husbandry, gardening, and public services especially the ones needed by tourists visiting the area

  • Background information

    To name only a few, Ushan, Fasham, and Meygun are located in the heart of the mountainous region of Roodbar Qasran in a long valley and each one has numerous neighborhoods and specific textures. In spite of the fact that these three are considered as cities based on the country subdivisions, they can be taken as village-cities because of their rural textures. In addition to Ushan, Fasham, and Meygun, the villages of Shemshak, Amameh, and Ahaar are also situated in this well-known region.It is said that the name Roodbar is chosen for this region due to its weather and ecological conditions. There are eight permanent rivers which branch into hundreds of brooks and streams. During the whole year, these rivers make strings of brooks brimful of pure clear water flowing in the entire area. The confluence of these rivers makes the famous river of Jajrood. Latyan dam, which is one of the major dams providing potable water needed for Tehran, is constructed on this river
  • Specific information

    From among all beautiful villages in Roodbar Qasran, Shemshak village is of great fame thanks to its having an international ski resort. With an altitude of 2531 meters Shemshak village is situated 45 kms north east of Tehran between two mountain peaks of Sarak-Chal and Kolun-Bastak and Dizin defile.
  • Best time

    Heights in the vicinity of Shemshak village are snow-covered even until midsummer. This ancient village has been considered a fine-weather summer resort since the Qajar era and the rulers of Tehran as the capital city as well as the regional people used to travel there
  • Recommendation

    There can be found many restaurants which host visitors and travelers during the whole year but they are particularly filled with travelers and tourists during summer
    Indeed what attracts thousands of tourists during the year is that the village enjoys a green fresh nature, a moderate pleasant weather, crystal clear spring waters, and Shemshak ski resort. The ski resort attracts ski-goers from the beginning of the month of Azar (corresponding to late November) to the end of the month of Ordibehesht (that is late May).
    During winter, this ski resort is prepared to receive skiers even at nights. And as a final point about the village; Shemshak is accessible via an asphalt road and travelers can take dairy and gardening products as souvenirs.
  • More Info

    The altitude of Roodbar Qasran ranges 1500 to 2800 meters above the sea level in the northern villages like Shemshak. Due to this high altitude, villages of the region experience temperatures as low as minus 20 degrees centigrade and in the hottest hours of summer days it is only 22 degrees centigrade.
    Locals of the village speak Farsi and are all Muslims. Most of them work in gardening and animal husbandry, but some of them workers of masonry. Still a group of them work in the coal mines near the village and some others are active in the servicing sectors in the ski resort. The village is very less populated during winter but the population multiplies during summer. Since two rivers cross through Shemshak and the village is situated in a high area with much snow, fruits like apple, pear, cherry, and walnut grow in the gardens of the village. Agricultural products such as wheat, barley, and vegetables are also grown in the village.
    Shemshak ski resort is built 57 kms north east of Tehran in an area of 3 thousand meter length. The facilities on the piste include two chairlifts, three platter lifts, and two T-bar lifts. There are two hotels and four restaurants in this ski resort that host athletes and ski-goers during winter. The highest part of the piste has an altitude of 3050 meters while the lowest part is 2550 meters high. Since Shemshak village and its ski resort are near to Tehran, many tourists from inside and outside the country take a trip there to enjoy their leisure time and also ski.

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