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Nasser-al-Din Shah, who was very interested in sightseeing and hunting, ordered the palace, like the palaces of Eshrat Abad, Sultan Abad, Saheb-Qaraniyeh and Qasr Yaghouat, outside Tehran to accommodate the royal palace and attendees during the trips. Make a nightlife.

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  • Address : Karaj, Town Square Village, Naseri Palace

The building of Naseri Shahrkark Palace is located in Shikvark with its beautiful natural scenery along the river. The construction of this palace in 1295 AH was started by order of Naser-al-Din Shah in the "Gul Kilah" Township Valley and continued until 1298.

  • Background information

    The palace was built in the year 1295 by the order of Naser-al-Din Shah and is now listed on the Cultural Heritage List. This palace is non-inhabited and is closed in rooms; almost the whole of the palace of the Nazarene period was destroyed, and only one building was repaired in the second Pahlavi period.
  • Specific information

    The Nasseri Road, a path that had been connected to the Mazandaran from the distant times of the city of Rey and was developed during the Qajar period, is passing through this area, and climbers are still using this route. The end of the city is an impasse and reaches the peak of the king. If you have climbed from the resort, you will be down here. The palace is surrounded by trees and the shallow river passes through the palace.
  • Outlook

    What remains of the palace building today is an abandoned ruin that is different from what you expect from the old palace. The walls that were said to have been on the beautiful paintings of Kamal-ul-Molk were now the site of the visitors' memorials. The magnificence of the palace, which was said in 1295 AH, was built by an architect called "Aqa Muhammad Ibrahim Khan", but there are no other leftovers.
  • Must know

    The palace door opens only on the morning of Friday.
  • More Info

    This palace has been registered in the National Heritage List. The stone written in the courtyard of the palace and it is said that the description of the construction of this palace is carved on it, only a little over the head and almost engraved on the stone in the wind and the blizzards have disappeared.
    In order to prevent the chaos and the arrival of strangers to the village, please, in a panel of visitors, not come to the village with the car. However, some people still come to the palace near the car and do not feel polluted by the environment.
  • Cons

    After the assassination of Nasir al-Din, the people attacked the palace and destroyed the second floor of the Shahstani district, and since this collection was not used by other Shahs, it was completely abandoned and obtained before the recent reconstruction in the past few years. Other natural and abnormal factors have been degraded.
  • Source

    Mehr News Agency, Online Hometown, Anubanini, Local Blogs

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