Sardasht Fountains of Kani Gravwan

(34 رای)

One of the most important tourist attractions of Sardasht is the Gavavan mineral water spring, located 2 km from the city of Rabat and 12 km northeast of Sardasht city.

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Kani Geravan is a mineral spring whose soluble soluble soluble in it is at least 1 gram per liter. The spring is located next to a village called Kanji Gouz in the southeast of the Zab basin, where boiling water comes out. In general, this The mineral springs are carbonated and even used in skin care, the spring water after the flow on the surface of the earth leaves the material itself, and after that, day by day, the volume of its conical and beautiful mass is added. , Water is known for its skin disease treatment and has bio-physiological and therapeutic properties; cold water is unhealthy due to its salinity

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    Goravan Fountain, besides these unique features, is located in a beautiful natural setting near the Hormuzabad River. It is also a beautiful massif of oak forests and a pristine mineral springs of water near it. Every year, there are many tourists from all over the world. It attracts the country, some will come to its beauty to watch it and some to treat skin diseases. Each year, with the arrival of spring, Cheshmeh Gravan, the beautiful nature of the region will make the landscape more beautiful and will be the host who seeks for the beauty of nature ... With the onset of the spring, the Hormuzabad River (which is adjacent to it) is filled with water, The plains adjacent to the highland and the nearby forests are also lush.
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    The city of Link is located in the bed of the Zab-Levi plain - and spread across the mountains of Torkhan, the Zamziran and the mountains of Ibrahim Jalal in the northwest. Relics from the north are Mahabad, from the east with Bukan, from the south east with Baneh, from the northwest with Piranshahr and from the west and Jotob west with the river Zab and the city of Sardasht.

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