Sayyid Ali Safavi monument (Soltanali Sahapush)

(42 رای)

Rudband was the grandson of Sheikh Safiuddin Ardebili and the grandfather of Shah Isma'il Safavid, who came to Dezful, and invited the people of Dezful to perform the Shiite cause by performing keramati.

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Seyyed Ali Safavi, known as Sultan Ali Shinpush, or Pir Roodband, or an embassador in the city of Dezful, is buried in a neighborhood of the same name, and has been numbered 2549 in the National Iranian Art Series.

  • Background information

    Khaje Sultan Sayyid Ali, known as "Shah Roodband" or "Aqa Rudband", associates with 22 mediators to Musa Kazem (the seventh Shiite Imam). He, who lived near his ancestors in Ardabil, went on a trip to Kazem. There, in the dream of Imam Mohammad Taqi, he was ordered to come to Dezful and call the people to Shiism. He came to Dezful and replaced the house in the current building and invited the people to the office, but People do not accept their invitation. They do not threaten to cut off the water of the river Daz. They do not think this again. At this time, he swears God that he has come up with his will, which suddenly flows out of the stream. That's why they named him the river.
  • Specific information

    In Rudband neighborhood, in the northwest of Dezful city and at the elevation overlooking the river, is located in the Pir Roodband monastery. The dome of this building is located in the 20th level, this architectural style belongs to Khuzestan and Bushehr. The date of construction of this building belongs to the Timurid period (771-845 AH), but restoration is related to the days of Shah Abbas Safavi and in 1030 AH. The monument was dedicated to the time of the Gurkhanis and on the orders of Amirtyimur Gurkani, and it was restored at the time of Shah Abbas. Rudband Monument is located on a hill 22 meters high and has a white cone crested to a height of 18 meters.

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